Best basketball series and movies in streaming platforms

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Since basketball is one of the biggest sports in the world with millions of fans all around the world, it heavily impacted the film industry. Since the beginning, the sport came a long way impacting many people who are inspired by these great athletes or involved in some kind of way with the sport.

The sports genre in movies is now very popular and many directors and film companies are looking for the next big story that can catch the attention of the big and hungry audience.

That’s why streaming platforms are now offering plenty of options when it comes to watching basketball movies. In today’s article, we will take a look at some of the best basketball movies are series that you must watch.

Last Chance U: Basketball

Things look promising when you check out the team behind this movie. It involves Greg Whiteley and many other great Emmy-winning individuals that promise a great watch. Last Chance U is an honest movie about every basketball superstar beginning. Yes, we are talking about college basketball.

Last Chance U involves a passionate head coach called John Mosley that leads the East Los Angeles College Huskies that is made up of former D1 recruits. His job is to fulfill the player’s dreams which also may be their last chance of playing at the next level.

The Last Dance

Here we have another great documentary that involves the story of the most iconic player that shaped the sport to what it is today, Michael Jordan. Co-produced by Netflix and ESPN Films and directed by Jason Hehir, we have a behind curtains look at Jordan’s career at its peak.

This series focuses on his last and most outstanding year with the Chicago Bulls and shows some never-before-seen footage, interviews from people close to him, and some great action on the court.

It is a truly inspiring movie that will definitely fuel your basketball passion. If you want to find more interesting true facts about the legends of basketball click here to find out the players with most triple doubles in history:

Coach Carter

If by some chance you still haven’t seen this iconic basketball movie, now you get the opportunity since it is available on most streaming services, including Netflix. The story about a passionate basketball coach that tries to teach future athletes about responsibilities and life, in general, makes an impressive movie that every basketball fan should watch.

This is not just an ordinary sports movie that we are used to watching. Coach Carter has one goal to make a professional team out of high school students and turn them away from the streets and all the bad habits from the ghetto.

It is a great movie that shows how basketball is more than just a sport, and how it shows the direction of many people’s lives.

Basketball or Nothing

Just as the name suggests, we are talking about a movie that is filled with basketball passion. This is another popular watch that is available on Netflix in most regions.

This is a story of the Chinle basketball team of the Navajo Nation, as they attempt to beat their competition and become basketball icons. This series shows the sacrifices basketball players need to make in life in order to become great.

It is a truly inspiring documentary that will definitely hype you up even if you never watched basketball before.

The Scheme

Here we have an HBO special that is about basketball but from a different perspective. The Scheme provides an insight into a darker truth about the sport, particularly about college basketball, and the scandal the shook America.

This is a criminal documentary that highlights the absurd case when the FBI tried to bring down a 26-year-old basketball start scout, who became a federal felon twice in his career.

Basically, it is about bribery and all the dark things that are present in basketball, including a pay-for-play scheme with basketball coaches and much more.

It is a series that will keep you on your toes, and give you chills especially when you find out that it is based on a true story.