The most underrated betting strategies

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In the world of betting, there is no legal win-win strategy for the player. Therefore, applying a particular method, the player must modify it to his style of play and constantly improve the skills. In this case, he will have a chance to win in the long run.

Totals Betting Strategy

Total is the number of goals, e.g. goals scored in the match. This strategy implies betting on total goals in football tournaments, which their effectiveness can distinguish. Most popular amongst the bettors are the EFL Championship and subsequent leagues within England. Players score a large number of goals in these tournaments.

The bettor will achieve efficiency if the total goes up to 55-60% of matches. The player needs the skill to find the correct matches. Even in the clearest championships, you can stumble on dry games. Bettors analyze the latest games of the teams, tactics, weather conditions and choose gambling operators based on reviews, such as this Merrybet one:

Double Chance Match Betting Strategy

This strategy is a kind of “safety net” for a player since both outcomes he chooses will profit him, or at least break even in the case of betting at a gambling operator. For example, a bettor gets profit both if the first team wins and draws.

It is comparable to the 0.5 bet. Therefore, handicaps can be mixed with that method. Bettors can place double chance bets to secure the favourite result or in a situation where the bookmaker underestimates the team, and the bet with insurance looks profitable.

Underdog Betting Strategy

This strategy is prevalent in tennis matches, where the supposed outsider can beat the favourite in a game or set. The strategy has several modifications:

Betting on the outsider in women’s tennis:

  • Bet against a player who won a previous match against a strong opponent and received inflated odds of winning from the bookie.
  • Bet against a favourite who has not lost for a long time.
  • Bet against a favourite, which does not play on “his” coverage.

The strategy on the underdog is also widely used in soccer, if:

  • The favourite is not motivated in the upcoming match.
  • The favourite team has severe losses.
  • The favourite plays in a very packed calendar.

Statistical Betting Strategy

Statistical betting refers to certain types of bets in which the player tries to guess the number of corners, penalties, shots, etc. Statistical bets have a good spread on popular matches and tournaments. These are so-called small markets where you can find a valued bet, despite the overstated margin of the bookmaker.

Ladder Betting Strategy

This strategy is risky enough, but the player risks a small amount of money. The ladder is played in several steps, and the bettor at each of which risks “all-in”, i.e., all the previously won money. The game is played at small odds, no more than 1.30, significantly increasing the probability of guessing the bet. The only downside of this approach is that the player’s whole initial bank is burned.


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