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The gambling culture has been alive for years now and has been developing at a fast rate. There has been a wide variety of games that have taken various media formats by storm. People can gamble at ease from their home now without even having to step out. People can now enjoy many amazing series on gambling that is much more than a convenient backdrop.

Many classics, newcomers, and sitcoms are releasing in order to attract more viewers. It is one of the prime quality of entertainment that would definitely make viewers crave more. It would also leave a social message on the downfalls of gambling which would motivate people to sign up at GamStop and not to join non GamStop casinos listed at, which is a famous British portal among self-excluded customers.

TV Series For Gamstop Users


This is a television drama created by seasoned TV veteran, Mr David Milch. Michael Mann has directed the series and it focuses around a group of characters who are related to the same horse race. Dustin Hoffman plays the protagonist and makes a huge horse race investment.

He launches a revenge plot and is involved in odds tampering. He also tries to revive a racetrack via casino gambling. This series has many interesting turns of events that keep the viewers hooked to the show.

Broadwalk Empire

This show is not only about gambling but also about many aspects of the industry as a whole. This show is meant for passionate gamblers who look for different betting opportunities and chances of winning. They might not win all bets but a gamble for the fun of it.

The series sends out a message highlighting the fact that gambling is not just about winning bets but also about having fun. Wins and losses are part of it but not the sole factor.

Breaking Vegas

This is one of the best television series related to gambling and its effects. This show had premiered in 2003 on History Channel and its showrunners did not hesitate to inspect the illegal underbelly of gambling.

Many episodes in the series focus on scams, sleight of hand, cheating, gizmo tricks, and card making which are the unpleasant parts of gambling. The series also explores the legal tactics and techniques of winning at casinos.


Vegas - Official Trailer - SpicyPulp

This is an American drama set in the 60s period. Its co-creator is Las Vegas Chronicler cum screenwriter of a movie revolving around Casinos, Nicholas Pileggi. The initial plan was to make a movie on the topic but it transformed into a long-running show due to the diversified vision of the story he wanted to depict via the plot.

The show highlighted the lucrative world of gambling Mecca which included the clashes between mobsters and law enforcement officers. However, this show only had one season for its audience.


This is a Japanese manga-based series highlighting the ill effects of compulsive gambling. The show features a private academy for wealthy kids who place bets against one another via a complex and detailed gambling chain. These children become house pets which are as same as slavery.

The stakes rise higher for the students who are unable to pay what they owe until the end of school. This series is available on Netflix with both Live action and Anime versions. It is a great watch.

King Of Vegas

This show is for every gambling enthusiast looking for a realistic approach and a chance to learn more about the industry as a whole. This is in the form of a game show hosted by boxing commentators Wayne Allyn Root and Max Kellerman. This is a gambling Marathon among 8 different games and the participants started with Blackjack completing a game of Texas Hold’em.

Each game offers $10,000 worth of chips and has limited rounds or no-limit games for an hour. The show follows no written script and relies on spontaneity. The game also offers $1 million at the end of all the rounds.


Governments across the world have been trying to monitor and put legal restrictions around unlawful gambling, which could turn addictive over the years. While TV series and movies such as these serve as an eye-opener, there are other TV Ads and social media channels that glorify gambling as a sure means to earn fortunes. The sports fraternity comprising top football, rugby, and F1 clubs and institutions had been endorsing gambling Ads and sponsors for whopping sums of money.

However, many football clubs are being closely observed by bodies such as The Betting and gambling council (BGC) or National Online Self Exclusion Scheme Limited (NOSES), etc. Similarly, advice control bodies such as ASA – Advertising Standards Authority or CAP – The Committee of Advertising Practice, have collaborated with the UKGC to put advertisement codes in place, for fair monitoring of misleading promotions.

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