The bad habits of modern students

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Student years are the time not only to gain knowledge and skills for the future specialty but also to learn some important life rules. For example, this can be different healthy habits of a student that should be developed, and which should be left behind because they adversely affect physical and psychological health. In this article, we will talk about the second type of habit.

Bad habits are initially understood as those that directly harm the body. First of all, it concerns the use of alcohol and tobacco smoking.


Alcohol is the leader of the list of the negative habits that affect student health. Its harm is well-known, but still, every part cant do without beer, wine, or strong alcohol. After a couple of first parties, some students are satisfied with the established contacts and begin to study. But part of the former schoolchildren, intoxicated by student freedom and still distant exams, makes drinking together a regular event. As a result, their grades suffer because a hangover rarely passes. In such cases of problems with assignments, it is recommended to ask for support. For example, I would look at this website to ask someone to write my research paper if I had such a need.

Moreover, according to the observations of scientists, the amount of alcohol drunk by an average student per night can reach almost ten bottles of beer or their equivalent in terms of other alcohol. If you are not ready to completely stop drinking, we recommend that you observe 2 simple rules, which are the following:

  • Determine your own dose and do not exceed it.
  • Drink only quality alcohol with excise stamps.


This is one of the most common bad habits of students. Most Governments are actively fighting with it. As a result, we can see the following:

  • Places for smokers are limited;
  • The price of cigarettes increases.
  • Warnings about the harmful effects of smoking are being distributed everywhere.

Just remember the most important thing that smoking is no longer fashionable, which is confirmed by modern bloggers and pop singers.

Unhealthy Food

Bad habits of students usually involve drinking alcohol and cigarettes, although fast food can also be dangerous. Chemical additives, which are included in the beloved burgers and pizzas, increase the risk of developing cancer and gastritis. If you have no strength to resist a harmful snack, at least alternate it with healthy food. You can order a salad and juice with a hamburger.

Minimum Physical Activity

A modern student’s day sometimes consists of only two types of activity. They just visit their classes and seat at home near the laptop. Such a lifestyle negatively affects health, leads to problems with a posture, eyes, and the appearance of excess weight.

Inattention to Contraception

At a young age, passion sometimes overtakes spontaneously, but this is not a reason to forget about contraception. IT will not only save health from sexually transmitted diseases but also help not to become young parents if you are not ready for this.

Bad Psychological Habits

Now we will discuss various psychological negative habits. They can also affect your physical health.

Dependence on Gadgets and the Internet

A popular disease among 21st-century youth is the desire to stay online all the time. Students spend most of the day amusing themselves in phones and ignoring life around them. A digital detox can save you from total immersion in virtual reality.

The Habit to Always Say Yes

It is always easier to agree than to refuse. Often others use this factor to impose on others what they do not want to do. Don’t just say yes. Think about whether you really want to help this person, and only then agree to a proposal or request. The refusal must be polite, but you should show that you are confident in your words. Otherwise, the offer will be repeated several times.

The Habit to Always Compare Everything

A self-sufficient person does not consider himself worse or better than someone. He does not prove something to others. He just lives as he wants and competes only with himself. The habit of comparing oneself with others violates the internal balance and can cause an inferiority complex.

The Habit to Always Take Offense

The people around you do not owe you anything. The teacher is not obliged to give a high mark for a mediocre answer, a classmate should not share his notes, and the dean’s secretary should not issue a certificate during the break. They can help you if they really want, but this is their right, and taking offense is a waste of emotional resources.


If you carefully study the discussed habits and learn how to do without them, your university journey will be more pleasant and useful.

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