Cisco 300-430 ENWLSI: how can exam dumps assist you in exploring objectives?

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Cisco 300-430 is a concentration exam that is a prerequisite for obtaining the CCNP Enterprise certification. It’s one of two tests that you should pass if you want to earn this professional-level certificate. The second exam is Cisco 350-401 (core). Passing the 300-430 test can also lead you to the Cisco Certified Specialist – Enterprise Wireless Implementation credential. So, as you can see, this exam may be beneficial for your further success in the IT industry.

300-430 ENWLSI contains about 60 questions and lasts 90 minutes. It can be taken in English or Japanese. This certification exam validates the candidates’ knowledge and skills in wireless network implementation, which includes security for client connectivity, device hardening, multicast, advanced location services, FlexConnect, and QoS. These skills are embedded in a number of topics covered in the test. Before taking this exam, it is recommended that the students understand each element of these objectives. So, let’s take a look at these important domains.

1.0. FlexConnect: This subject covers 15% of the exam content and measures your technical skills in deploying FlexConnect components and capabilities and implementing Office Extend.

2.0. QoS on Wireless Networks: The candidates for the Cisco 300-430 exam are required to develop their capacity to be able to implement QoS schemes according to the requirements such as wired to wireless mapping, implement AVC, which includes Fastlane, as well as implement QoS for the wireless clients. This topic covers 10% of the whole content.

3.0. Multicast: About 10% of the exam questions will be from this objective. The students will be required to demonstrate their skills in implementing multicast components, multicast on WLAN, and multicast direct and DNS. The test takers should also be able to explain how multicast can affect wireless networks.

4.0. Location Services: The skills required under this domain include one’s ability to deploy MSE/CMX on a wireless network and implement location services. This topic makes up 10% of the entire content of Cisco 300-430.

5.0. Advanced Location Services: This subject also covers 10% of the exam content. It measures the learners’ skills in implementing CMX components and location-aware guest services with the use of a custom portal and Facebook Wi-Fi, and troubleshooting location accuracy with Cisco hyperlocation. The applicants will also be required to demonstrate their expertise in implementing wIPS with MSE and troubleshooting CMX high availability.

6.0. Security for Wireless Client Connectivity: This topic makes up to 20% of the exam content. The questions from this objective will evaluate your ability to configure client profiling on WLC and ISE, implement PYOD and guest, as well as AAA and 802.1X on ISE, and implement identity-based networking on diverse wireless architectures.

7.0. Monitoring: This domain will assess the examinees’ ability to utilize reports on Cisco DNA center and PI, operate rouges and alarms along with RF interferers, and troubleshoot client connectivity. It covers 15% of the whole content.

8.0. Device Hardening: This area covers 10% of the exam content and measures one’s ability to implement access point authentication, device access controls, and CPU ACLs on controllers.


You should understand that your successful completion of the Cisco 300-430 exam depends on your preparation process. You must find the best study materials that match you learning style. There is a wide range of resources that you can explore on the official website and other platforms. For example, Cisco offers its training course to help you master all the topics of this test. ExamSnap provides you with updated exam dumps that should be an integral part of your preparation to ensure success. It is up to you to decide what prep tool is ideal for you!

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