Stockholm ’69: Jimi Hendrix’s lost concert

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It’s one of the last concerts held by Jimi Hendrix before his death, January ’69 in Stockholm. A concert that has been discussed a lot in the years to come because of a footage recorded from a very close position, that can give an original idea of the talent of the best guitarist in history in the moment of his greatest experience. Unfortunately that footage was planned to be destroyed by the decision of the TV that made and owned it.

But those tapes were actually never destroyed. They ended up in an archive, probably on the hands of an employee who preferred to delay the destruction in order to review once more the concert of one of his favorite musicians. And recently they are back available in streaming, in a remastered version of astonishing quality. You can find it below.

Jimi Hendrix Stockholm 1969

The Experience Hendrix, the foundation run by Hendrix’s step-sister holder of the rights of anything associated with Jimi, was supposed to assess whether the TV has the rights to use such footage, as early as 2004. The fact that recently the concert was shared online in remastered edition makes us think that it will just stay in Internet, for the pleasures of online fans.

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