The Continental: why KD hunts Frankie, Winston & Cormac

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The Continental has been an exciting journey exploring the way the world of John Wick was born. Set in the 70s, the Peacock series shows how the myth of the Continental Hotel evolved and how characters like Winston Scott and Charon rose to prominence. A whole set of new characters was introduced: among them, one of the most exciting and mysterious is KD, a cop investigating crime in the city, going after Frankie and Winston. She will be the one killing Cormac, and her story is the biggest surprise of the series. Let’s discover it.

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The Continental: who is KD, and why does she hunt Frankie, Winston & Cormac?

KD is one of the most surprising characters in Peacock’s The Continental. She’s first introduced as a side character, a local cop chasing Frankie and Winston as part of her investigation against criminality in the city. However, we immediately sense an unusual motivation in her: she’s keen to go to great lengths for her goal, ignoring her boss’ indications. She is hunting Frankie and Winston, and progressively, we start suspecting it’s more than a job.

The turning point happens in The Continental Part 3, when KD finds one of the coins used to book a room at the Continental. Her boss says it clearly: that’s a line you cannot cross as a cop. And at that point, she has no doubts. She hands over her badge and walks towards the continental, continuing her mission as a personal war. That’s where the question comes up in viewers: why is KD going after Frankie and Winston in The Continental?

The reason is explained when The Continental gets closer to its ending. Once KD catches Winston Scott in the hotel room, she says a sentence that only Winston can understand: “I’m the one who survived.” She refers to something that happened in Frankie’s and Winston’s childhood, a scene we watched in the previous episodes as a dramatic event that marked their lives. When they were little kids, Cormac ordered Frankie and Winston to burn a building down with a Molotov. What the kids didn’t know is that a family was inside the building: they started screaming as soon as the fire took over their apartment, and their cries would follow Winston for his whole life.

KD is the only one who survived that fire. She was a little kid back then and saw her family dying before her eyes. So she grew up promising revenge to herself: she would become a cop committed to fighting criminality, but her real motivation was different. She wanted to catch Frankie and Winston and personally kill them.

After Frankie dies, only Winston Scott is left to complete KD’s revenge in The Continental. She has the chance to finish her mission in Part 3: Winston Scott is on his knees, and KD is pointing a gun at his head. Her intentions are more poetic, though: she wants to set Winston on fire, as he did with her family. Winston is saved by Jenkins, who shoots her from the other building. However, Winston tries to keep her alive: from his point of view, she’s not an enemy but a person seeking legitimate revenge on him. He’s been living with guilt his whole life for what he did to that family. If death is the punishment he deserves for what he did, he’s ready to accept it.

That’s how KD becomes the hidden essential character of The Continental, intertwining her story with Frankie, Winston Scott, and Cormac. At the ending battle between Cormac and Winston, Cormac reveals the truth: he knew there was a family in that building and gave that order on purpose. He wanted Frankie and Winston to kill that family. Unluckily for Cormac, KD hears that from behind his shoulders. Cormac doesn’t understand what’s happening at that moment, but that woman is now there to kill him as the first responsible for her family’s death. When KD kills him, Cormac has no idea why. He assumes “he did something to her,” but he dies not knowing what caused his death.

Cormac’s death ends the events in The Continental. Winston Scott takes control of the hotel and runs it with Charon. He kills the adjudicator, entering in conflict with the high table. Meanwhile, KD just disappears: her mission is accomplished, the responsible for her family’s death is gone, and we don’t know if her character will ever return to the world of John Wick.

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