Everything Now plot & ending explained: Mia, Carli & Alison

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With Everything Now, Netflix released a peculiar TV show able to touch on several topics: a coming-to-age story intertwined with the recovery journey of a teenager struggling with anorexia. During its eight episodes, viewers had the chance to learn more about this disorder and understand how it affects life and relationships. Mia struggles to return to a normal life, Carli and Alison are there for her in different ways, and the show’s plot and ending don’t provide a complete answer about what will happen next. Let’s analyze together how the key events can be explained.

You can watch the official trailer for Netflix’s Everything Now here on Youtube.

Everything Now plot & ending explained: will Mia recover?

In the plot of Everything Now, we follow Mia returning to her life after spending seven months in a clinic specialized in eating disorders: she has been suffering from anorexia, and after those months, the doctors decided she could start her progressive integration back to normal life, constantly followed by regular medical meetings.

What the plot of Everything Now has explained clearly is that, for Mia, it’s not just about returning to a normal life. She also needs to catch up on all those experiences that teenagers are discovering at her age: parties, sex, romantic relationships, and all those milestones that bring you closer to adult life. Mia’s struggle is apparent: she still struggles to manage her food routines and doesn’t communicate her problems easily. Besides all that, her family is breaking into pieces: her parents are getting divorced, her mom cannot show her love as Mia would expect, and her dad is spending more time out of home with his new girlfriend.

Episode after episode, we support Mia in her recovery journey from anorexia: she has her first kiss, she discovers sex with her schoolmate Alison, and she goes to parties. Alison becomes Mia’s girlfriend, and they are together for several episodes, but things get harder and harder for Mia: her friendships get complicated (love ruins everything, apparently), the situation at home is uncomfortable, and all this worsens her difficulties. All that explodes after Mia discovers that her hospital friend Jenna, who was released like her, failed to recover and died. So, coming closer to the ending of Everything Now, we have the feeling that Mia is giving up: she stops eating, breaks up with Alison, no longer talks with her friends, and feels refused by her mom, who wants to send her again to the hospital.

However, the ending of Everything Now is not as dramatic as we fear, and that deserves to be explained: Mia is struggling and tries to escape her battle with a day alone with Carli, distracting from the problems. Mia realizes she always loved Carli more than anyone else, and Carli is the only one who brings her to reason: she cannot run away her whole life; she must face her struggle constantly, or she won’t make it. That’s what pushes her to return to the hospital and ask for help from her doctor. The doctor explains to us why that’s a positive sign: people suffering from anorexia tend to hide their problems and pretend everything is fine, whereas Mia is doing the opposite, giving voice to her difficulties and asking for help now that she’s feeling she’s not going to make it. From this point of view, Mia “is different”: by deciding to speak up and ask for help, she proves she can face recovery with the right approach.

We wonder if Mia will fully recover from anorexia, how things will go with Carli and Alison, and if there will be a Season 2 of Everything Now, but this is not explained by the TV series’ plot and ending. For sure, Mia’s recovery journey is not finished, and her growth path as a teenager is still full of experiences she will need to face. She restored the beauty of her friendship with Cam and Becca; her love for Carli can go on, but she must sort things out with Alison, at least trying to keep her friendship. And most importantly, she will need to feel comfortable again in her family while her parents are divorcing.

Many things can still happen to Mia: we will keep you updated in case Everything Now is renewed for Season 2. Stay tuned.

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