Thursday’s Widows plot & ending explained: the pact

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Released on Netflix on September 14, 2023, Thursday’s Widows was the thriller limited series from Mexico exploring the truth behind the affluent lifestyles of a group of families. Something tragic happens that Thursday, December 26; we see it in the first episode, but we must watch the whole plot until the ending before having it explained. What happened that night? What is this pact the families make, and what’s the truth? Let’s discover it together.

You can watch the official trailer for Thursday’s Widows here on Youtube.

Thursday’s Widows plot & ending explained: what’s the pact?

Since the first episode of Thursday’s Widows, we understand that a tragedy occurs on December 26. The narrator, Mavi, says it clearly: before that day, those husbands belonging to the families living in Altos de las Cascadas were all alive. But something happens that night, and we must follow the plot of Thursday’s Widows until the ending before it’s explained.

Except for the first, every episode in Thursday’s Widows is focused on one of the five families protagonists of how life goes in Altos de las Cascadas. It’s a prestigious location reserved for wealthy families, but slowly, we discover that every house has its own problems. And while we find out, we start to understand what really happened that night.

We have the Scaglia family, where the husband, Tano, is an executive who gets fired after his company is acquired by another one. He’s ashamed of being jobless, but he’s unable to confess it to his family because their whole lifestyle is based on the wealth he has always provided. The De La Luna family is in a similar situation: Martín is a politician who decided to leave his party and run his autonomous campaign. However, he struggles to get sponsors and ultimately loses all his money. Tano and Martín are two perfect examples of men who are supposed to provide for their families’ rich lifestyle but become unable to.

Following the plot of Thursday’s Widows, we discover the other pieces of the puzzle. The Maldonado family doesn’t seem to have money problems, but the husband, Gustavo, punched his wife, Carla, in her face, and she decided to leave. Gustavo is as desperate as Tano and Martín. The other man present that night is Roni Guevara, a man constantly high because of weed, while Mavi works all day for the family. The fifth family, the Andrades, is slightly disconnected from all others and isn’t involved in the events of that tragic Thursday.

So what happened that night? This is slowly explained by the plot of Thursday’s Widows, and we have complete clarity only at the ending. The original idea comes from Tano: desperate for his situation, he wants to commit suicide, but he develops the idea of making his death appear as an accident so his family will get the insurance money. Symbolically, he sees in this death his ultimate way to sacrifice himself for his family and provide for them for the last time. But it will look better as an accident if it’s a multiple death, and that’s why he wants to convince the other residents in Altos de las Cascadas. He manages to persuade Martín, whereas with Gustavo, he struggles a bit more. Roni, instead, leaves them before their plan is put into action.

Tano’s idea is simple. That Thursday, while their wives are spending their usual time together, the husbands will take a bath in Tano’s pool. Tano will let the artificial snow machine fall into the pool while they are in there, causing their death by electrocution. At the ending of Thursday’s Widows, we see Martín thoroughly convinced; he’s there in the pool, waiting for his death. On the other hand, Gustavo has remorse and wants to leave, but Tano punches him and pushes his head under the water, drowning him. Then, the machine falls into the pool, and the other two die instantly. There is a temporary blackout in all houses, and Roni, who was already back to his home, falls from his terrasse and needs to go to the hospital.

The plot twist in Thursday’s Widows is that that night, two of the teenagers living there, Ramona and Juandi, filmed the whole scene with their phones. They know it wasn’t an accident. On the day of the funeral, Juandi sends the video to the group chat of the widows, revealing the truth: their husbands didn’t die because of an accident; it was a collective suicide aimed at collecting the insurance money and letting the families continue their wealthy lives.

Obviously, the video triggers everyone’s shock. But it’s just a moment. The families talk together and decide that nobody will speak again about that video. Police already came and declared it an accident; they will all get the insurance money, so there is no reason to tell the truth to the authorities. This is the pact between the families: they all know it wasn’t an accident, but they will all pretend it was to get their money. Because life in Altos de las Cascadas is really about appearances, and money is what can make them last.

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