Choose Love on Netflix, the cast: Jordi Webber is Jack

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Choose Love is the new interactive movie released by Netflix in the summer of 2023. A romantic comedy conceived as a movie where the spectator has to make several choices that will change the plot’s course, as Netflix did in the past with other films like Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. This time, the story perfectly fits the concept of choice: the protagonist must choose the love of her life among three men present at a specific moment: the boyfriend Paul, the first love Jack, and the musician Rex. Let’s discover Jack, interpreted in the cast by the actor Jordi Webber.

You can watch the official trailer for Netflix’s Choose Love here on Youtube.

Choose Love on Netflix, the cast: Jordi Webber is Jack

In the cast of Choose Love, the 2023 interactive Netflix movie, Jack Menna is interpreted by the New Zealand-born singer, actor, and musician Jordi Webber. Jordi Webber was born on May 25, 1994: when Choose Love was released on Netflix, he was 29.

Jordi Webber is best known for his involvement in the entertainment industry in both New Zealand and the United States. He grew up with a passion for music and performing, gaining recognition in New Zealand as a musician and singer. In 2012, he joined the newly formed New Zealand boyband Titanium, starting his career as a singer. He was the youngest member of the band, but fans didn’t fail to notice him. Their first single, Come On Home, was one of their biggest successes. You can watch the official video below, and you’ll surely recognize Jordi.

Titanium - Come On Home (Official Video)

In addition to his music career, Jordi Webber has pursued acting. He is perhaps best known for his role as Levi Weston, the Gold Ranger, in Power Rangers Ninja Steel, the 24th season of the famous TV series. Among his other roles in movies and TV shows, you can find him in the New Zealand soap opera Shortland Street, and the 2023 season of Home and Away. You can discover more about him in his dedicated pages on Wikipedia and IMDb. He also has a consistent number of followers on Instagram.

In the cast of the 2023 Netflix interactive movie Choose Love, Jordi Webber interprets Jack Menna, the protagonist’s first young love. As you know, the movie’s plot is about a woman, Cami, who suddenly needs to make several important decisions about her romantic life, asking spectators for help. The three men who want her are Paul, who’s been her boyfriend for the last three years; Rex, a musician she just met; and Jack, the guy she loved when she was young.

As you can imagine, depending on your choices, the movie will lead to a different ending. And in one of those, Cami will end up with Jack, honoring a love that was never over and breaking Paul’s heart. It’s probably the ending that, more than the others, recognizes the power of love as an emotion that can drag us completely, leading us to choices determined by our deepest instincts.

As Jack Menna, Jordi Webber interprets love as destiny, as an emotion that will always find its way into our lives. And that’s why it’s one of the most picked endings in Choose Love.

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