Kay Adams & the 2023 Dick’s Sporting Goods commercial

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Yes, school is back, and we must prepare kids for the perfect start. That’s why the commercial released in August by Dick’s Sporting Goods is focused on the typical products and brands parents focus on when they need to bring their kids up to speed. And the testimonial is a well-known personality of American sport: Kay Adams. Let’s discover more about her and the ad.

You can watch the 2023 Dick’s Sporting Goods commercial at the end of this article.

Kay Adams & the 2023 Dick’s Sporting Goods commercial

The American sportscaster Kay Adams is the testimonial starring in the 2023 Dick’s Sporting Goods commercial. She presents the collection of shoes and brands parents can buy for their kids at Dick’s stores.

Kay Adams is a well-known sportscaster and television personality. She gained prominence as the host of the NFL Network’s morning show Good Morning Football, where she discussed and analyzed various aspects of the National Football League (NFL). Her engaging personality and in-depth knowledge of football made her a popular figure among NFL fans.

Her pretty smile and joyful voice make Kay Adams a perfect choice for a commercial like the one released in 2023 by Dick’s. The ad speaks directly to parents and kids, so that’s everything it needed: excellent products, happy faces, and fashionable looks. You don’t need anything more complicated than that: the commercial is simple, and you can see bags, shoes, shirts, and everything a kid needs before starting school.

Kay Adams was 37 when the commercial was released, but she indeed looks like a young woman ready to have fun with her new clothes and accessories. Precisely the feeling the kids will have when they start school, right?

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