Sisu movie meaning: what Aatami Korpi says at the end

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It has been described as the “Finnish John Wick” for many reasons. Like John Wick, Aatami Korpi, the protagonist of the movie Sisu, is someone you don’t mess with. Especially if you happen to harm his dog. The setting is entirely different, as Sisu is set in Finland during World War II, but the mystery around the soldier is still authentic. People had important questions: what does Sisu mean, what’s the movie meaning, and what does he say at the end? Let’s discover it together.

You can watch the official trailer for Sisu here on Youtube.

Sisu movie meaning: what Aatami Korpi say at the end

As the movie tries to explain at the beginning and through the words of the Finnish woman talking to the Nazi soldiers, “Sisu” is a Finnish concept whose meaning cannot be translated into English. It refers to the strength, perseverance, and determination of someone who never gives up. As Aatami Korpi proves in the movie, whatever you try against him, he will never surrender. “He’s not immortal; he just refuses to die.” And every attempt to harm him makes him stronger.

The story of Aatami Korpi is explained by the German soldier in the middle of the movie. He was once a Finnish commando who lost his family and home fighting against the Russians. After that, he became a legendary “one-man death squad”: Russian soldiers nicknamed him “Koschei,” “The Immortal.” Along his revenge path, he killed more than 300 Russian soldiers. And when, in the movie Sisu, he crosses the course of a Nazi military division that wants to steal his gold, he slowly exterminates all of them one after the other.

Aatami Korpi doesn’t say a single word during the whole plot of Sisu until we arrive at the ending. What does he say at the end of Sisu? He speaks Finnish to the girl in the bank after handing over all his gold. His words are: “In cash. Big bills, thanks. So it’s not so damn heavy to carry around.” The meaning behind these words has explained the whole movie message: Aatami was just going on with his life, not looking for any problems. But the Nazis attacked him, trying to steal the money, which was unacceptable to him. His war against the Nazi division was only a reaction to their attack: if they hadn’t started it, nothing would have happened.

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