Glamorous: Ben J. Pierce / Miss Benny, the real Marco Mejia

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Glamorous landed on Netflix in June 2023, introducing into the streaming platform an entire world made of make-up giants, social media influencers, and non-binary personalities. Kim Cattrall interprets Madolyn Addison, a make-up legend who’s trying to save her business empire, but the real protagonist is Marco Mejia, a young non-binary enthusiast who’s about to enter the adult world dealing with a real job and real relationships. The actor playing him in the series cast is Ben J. Pierce, known on the Internet as Miss Benny, and Marco Mejia’s character reflects his attitude in real life. Let’s discover him.

You can watch the official trailer for Glamorous here on Youtube.

From Glamorous cast: Meet Ben J. Pierce / Miss Benny, the real Marco Mejia

The actor playing Marco Mejia in the Netflix series Glamorous is Ben J. Pierce, also known as Miss Benny. Ben J. Pierce is non-binary (the pronouns are they/them); they’re a famous Youtuber, a singer, and an actor: when Glamorous was released on Netflix, they were 24.

Ben J. Pierce started their path as an Internet personality when they were 11, sharing their passion for make-up and their point of view about being non-binary in the modern world. Their Youtube channel started as KidPov and collected over 200K subscribers over the years. Now you find it under their real name Ben J. Pierce, and you can still find here an old video showing their passion for make-up, close to how Marco Mejia appears in the Netflix series Glamorous. More recently, they focused their social channels on music production, first with Benny” on Youtube and now with Miss Benny, which is the channel they currently keep updated.

As Miss Benny, they released many singles since 2019. You can listen below to Rendezvous, one of their most successful songs.

Miss Benny - Rendezvous (Official Video)

As an actor, they played in numerous recent productions. You can find a complete overview of their career here on IMDb: among their most notable roles, we can find an episode of American Horror Stories and two episodes of the 2016-2018 Netflix series Fuller House.

In this interview with Pink Magazine, Miss Benny described the audition for the new Netflix series with some curious notes: “When I got the audition for Glamorous four years ago, I remember I went into my first meeting as like a diet version of myself. Even though they had written Marco to be flamboyant and gender non-conforming, I thought, ‘They don’t really want me to be me. They want me to do a sanitized, smaller version of me.” This confirms that the whole series is really based on their real-life character, and Netflix wanted their authentic personality in the show. They told them: “Just relax. We want you to be as flamboyant as you are in real life. We want to capture that magic.” The moment the casting was confirmed was quite emotional for Miss Benny, considered an essential sign of validation and acceptance. Netflix was transparent: they didn’t want them to change a thing about their natural character for the show.

Nowadays, Ben J. Pierce / Miss Benny are curating their social profiles to promote their career as musician/actor, so the best way to follow them is as Miss Benny on Youtube and Instagram. Being the protagonist in the cast of Glamorous, the series surely gave them bigger visibility, arriving to people who probably didn’t know them before: we will see how this will impact their future plans.

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