What’s the electric motorcycle used in Vanquish movie?

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Vanquish is the typical action movie that doesn’t require the plot to be particularly developed. There is Morgan Freeman sitting in a fancy apartment, Ruby Rose going out the whole night, killing all people who cross her path, and a motorcycle that catches the spotlight. From the sound it makes, you can guess it is an electric motorcycle, but the model is unclear in the movie. We will discover it in this article.

You can watch the official trailer for Vanquish here on Youtube.

What’s the electric motorcycle used in the movie Vanquish?

Yes, the motorcycle used by Victoria in the movie Vanquish is electric: it’s a Harley-Davidson LiveWire. The LiveWire was the first electric motorcycle produced by the American motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson, introduced in 2019. You can find the newer model LiveWire One created in 2021 on the official website.

LiveWire is the model aimed at providing a new and environmentally-friendly riding experience for Harley-Davidson enthusiasts. It’s powered by an electric motor that produces 100 horsepower and 84 FT-LB of torque. It goes from 0 to 60 mph (around 95 km/h) in 3 seconds, and its maximum speed is around 110mph (180 km/h). The bike has a range of 95-145 miles (150-230km) on a single charge, and can be charged to 80% capacity in 40 minutes using a DC fast charger.

In addition to its advanced electric motor, the Livewire features a range of modern technology and amenities, including a 4.3-inch touchscreen display, Bluetooth connectivity, and multiple riding modes that allow riders to customize the bike’s performance to their preferences. The starting price of LiveWire one is $22,799.

Overall, the Livewire represents a major departure from Harley-Davidson’s traditional gas-powered motorcycles, and demonstrates the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in the future of transportation. The design is always exciting, and the movie Vanquish did a great job of showing the performances of the motorcycle while Vicky rides it during her missions.

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