The odd AI-generated beer commercial

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They did it again. After the pizza commercial, created some days before, in April 2023, another Reddit user shared a new AI-generated creation oriented to product advertising. We are talking about beer this time, but things are not that straight. Let’s see why.

Watch the beer commercial generated by AI in April 2023 below (and here is the Reddit thread).

Let’s start with the improvements: there is no voice-over, which means no possibility of creating weird comments on the images. The music is cool, so much so that people believe it was a human decision: it’s Smash Mouth’s All Star, a track released in 1999, in the peak years of the American band. And understandably, it perfectly fits inside a commercial, like many other singles they released in their career.

The problems come with the images. Apparently, AI still has some issues in shaping a good human face, and it’s unclear why. Maybe the intention is to depict an abstract entity, not necessarily human, even though it would be different from most commercials we are used to seeing. There is also the big issue in the act of drinking: nobody in the AI beer commercial seems able to properly open a can or a bottle and beer like humans do. They approach the glasses more like a microphone and seem to bite the air. Some users wondered if it’s because the US and Canada prohibit showing people drinking alcohol in commercials, so maybe AI just didn’t have reference examples. Moreover, why the place is on fire?

Probably we can still consider this an improvement, though. And a reassurance: AI is still far from being able to replace humans in commercial creations.