Big Eyes Coin Hits $31 Million in Presale, Bitcoin and Shiba Inu Drowning in a Sea of Red

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The past year has been tough on the market. Throughout its 14-year history, cryptocurrency has seen many glorious days of boom and created ecstatic, confident investors. However, 2022 was one of the darkest times that investors witnessed. Many lost pots of money during the crypto winter and it seems like history is repeating itself. The bearish nature of the market has a lockjaw on Bitcoin and Shiba Inu, but there are glimmers of hope as more investors are pouring their faith in Big Eyes Coin.

It is currently Deja Vu in the crypto market as a sea of red emerges. Coins have fallen drastically and are at the mercy of the bears, but it does not all seem lost.

Bitcoin Surviving a Sea of Red

During the last decade, Bitcoin has seen its best and worst times. The coin had a high of $1,133 from its creation until 2013 when winter bested it leaving the coin at $172 in Jan 2015, a decline of more than 85%. Thereafter in 2017, it reached a new high of $19,587 only to decline a year later to $3,255.

However, the coinÔÇÖs strength gave it a significant fighting chance and it showed its power when rising to $68,790 in 2021. It fell again due to the endless scandals and a string of bad luck that engulfed the market.

If history is to repeat itself, it is highly likely for Bitcoin to outperform this bear market very soon, based on the recent 40% rise of the market and its value of $1 trillion. With the coin set to plow through the current conditions, buyers who invest now may have the most to gain in the long run.

Droopy Ears for Shiba Inu

Since the start of March, the price of Shiba Inu has plummeted to a low of $0.00001096 and has declined as much as 2%. The dogecoin killer may fall further in the coming days before plateauing. However, there is a spot of hope for Shib to rally very soon once the Shibarium network launches.

The network is set to be the main support for Shiba Inu and all of its operations. It will serve as a scaling solution for Shiba Inu to increase the demands on their system and speed up their token transactions. In addition, this upgrade will allow the site to burn its coins, thereby decreasing the number of coins and increasing the value of the tokens.

Despite the sea of red, this project should increase the hope of investors to turn a profit.

Big Eyes Coin and a $31 Million Milestone

An exciting up-and-coming competitor in the meme coin game is Big Eyes Coin. The coin is stealing the attention and attracting significant investment in its presale stage. So far, the coin has successfully reached $31 million of its $50 million goal and gives investors a bang for their buck.

Not only is it a fresh concept in the meme coin market, but it is also a coin that offers investors a plethora of opportunities.

The platform provides users with a chance to win up to $1 million with their loot boxes which cost as little as $10. Additionally, users can experience the joy of no taxes on their transactions meaning whatever they earn is 100% theirs. The platform has also pledged 5% of its total earning to ocean conservatories because they believe.

Final Thought

The crypto market has always been extremely volatile so the sea of red does not come as a surprise. The crypto winter was a dark time however, considering the performance of the market at the start of the year, it looks positive in the long run. The bearish nature has gripped the market many times before and the coins have always outperformed, this season is no exception.

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