10 Minutes Gone, the cast: Meadow Williams is Claire

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10 Minutes Gone is a 2019 gangster movie that recently landed on Netflix US. An exciting action film about a heist at a bank that doesn’t go as planned: the alarm goes off, the criminals have to run away, and one of them gets killed, while the mysterious box they stole disappears. The cast is full of prominent stars: Bruce Willis is Rex, Michael Chiklis is Frank, and Meadow Williams is Claire, the girl who shows up as the betrayer of the group: let’s discover who she is and her other movies and TV show.

You can watch the official trailer for 10 Minutes Gone here on Youtube.

10 Minutes Gone, the cast: Meadow Williams is Claire

Delving into the cast of 10 Minutes Gone, Claire is played by the American actress Meadow Williams. She’s been active in the movie industry since 1989, and when 10 Minutes Gone was released, she was 53. Among her most famous interpretations, she played Mildred Gillars, aka “Axis Sally,” in the 2021 movie American Traitor. You will recognize her in the trailer below.

American Traitor: The Trial of Axis Sally - Official Trailer (2021) Al Pacino, Meadow Williams

In the 90s, she had small parts in important movies like Beverly Hills Cop III, The Mask, and Apollo 13. Later, she became a film producer and contributed to movies like Den Of Thieves, After, The Harvest, and Boss Level. She was also among the producers of the crime web series The Bay.

Looking at Meadow Williams acting career, it’s clear she’s getting progressively more popular in recent years, with more prominent roles in successful movies. We will surely see her again soon on the big screen.

You can see the complete list of her roles in movies and TV shows on her Wikipedia official page.

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