What’s the first Progressive commercial ever with Dr. Rick?

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In the world of TV commercials, insurances have a privileged place among the ads that make us laugh. There are many examples, and your mind can quickly go to Geico (do you remember the Aunts commercial?) or State Farm (which recently summoned Andy Reid). Still, one of the best ideas is owned by Progressive insurance, and it’s represented by Dr. Rick: the Parenta-Life Coach that will do his best to “protect you from becoming your parents” after you buy your first home. Dr. Rick regularly returns on TV (the last installments of his ad series are the one in the elevator and the one about trash cans), but the biggest curiosity is about the first ever Progressive commercial starring him: what was it, and when was it released? Let’s discover it!

When was Dr. Rick introduced, and what was his first Progressive commercial?

The first Progressive commercial featuring Dr. Rick as a Parenta-life coach is Pillows, released in April 2020. You can watch it below.

Progressive Insurance | Dr. Rick "Pillows"

In his first appearance, Dr. Rick explains that when we buy our first home, we inevitably start becoming our parents. And that could be an unwanted side effect: to help you prevent that, Dr. Rick can help with slow conversational therapy and some practical suggestions. For example, you don’t need ten pillows on your couch, or there won’t be place to sit, and you don’t need to support the plumber you called for that problem on your sink: “you are not assisting him; you hired him.”

Since then, Dr. Rick made many other commercials for Progressive insurance, and you can find most of them under the #DrRick tag on Youtube. He even published a book, Dr. Rick will see you now, as you can see on their official website.

Who’s the actor playing Dr. Rick?

The actor playing Dr. Rick in the Progressive commercial series is the American actor Bill Glass. And Progressive wasn’t his first important commercial: some years before, for example, he was in this TV spot for Toyota. But be careful: you’ll almost fail to recognize him!

He played also in many movies and TV shows, as you can see on his page on IMDb.

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