7 Women and a Murder: Ornella Vanoni is grandma Rachele

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7 Women and a Murder is a satyrical mystery movie produced in Italy and released on Netflix in 2022. It’s a remake of the 2022 French musical 8 Women, with some little changes in the structure: people have enjoyed this short vision, where the events come one after the other in a quick sequence, and they were curious about the cast, entirely made of Italian actresses. The biggest curiosity is about Rachele, Marcello’s mother-in-law, Caterina and Susanna’s grandmother: she’s played by Ornella Vanoni, mostly famous as an Italian singer. Let’s discover more about her.

You can watch the official trailer for 7 Women and a Murder here on Youtube.

7 Women and a Murder: Ornella Vanoni is grandma Rachele

The actress playing Rachele in the 2022 movie 7 Women and a Murder is the Italian singer and actress Ornella Vanoni. She’s a famous artist in Italy, mostly known for her musical career, which spans from the early ’60s to recent years. At the moment of the movie’s release, she’s 88. You can watch her in the official video of L’appuntamento, one of her most famous hits, released in 1971.

Ornella Vanoni - L'Appuntamento (1971)

In Italy, she’s called “the lady of the Italian song.” She participated in eight editions of the Sanremo Music Festival, Italy’s national music festival, arriving second in 1968 with the song Casa Bianca.

Although she’s mainly famous as a singer, she started her career as a theatre actress. Over the years, she often played parts in Italian movies and TV series. For Alessandro Genovesi, the director of 7 Women and a Murder, she already played in the 2015’s movie What a Beautiful Surprise. You will surely recognize her in this short clip from the film (in Italian).

Ornella Vanoni has a unique character and is able to steal a smile in her role as an actress. In the past, on Auralcrave’s Italian website, we shared two curious stories about her: the first one is the story of Our Song, a track released by Robert Plant in 1967, cover of the Italian hit La Musica è Finita brought to success by Ornella Vanoni; the other one is the beautiful story of her platonic love for the comic book creator Hugo Pratt.

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