Paul Giamatti is Einstein in the Verizon commercial

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Verizon is definitely having a lot of fun: their commercials have this unique ability to stick in everybody’s mind, and the merit is in the simple ideas they propose and the characters they introduce. The latest example came up in December 2022, with Einstein showing up, complaining because his network has gone “Kaputt!” and talking with Cecily Strong, a well-known face of American TV and Verizon ads. On the other side, Einstein is played by another actor we saw recently: he’s Paul Giamatti. Let’s discover more about the new Verizon commercial.

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You can find the Einstein Verizon commercial released in 2022 below.

Welcome Unlimited $25/line | Verizon :30

Paul Giamatti and Cecily Strong in the 2022 Einstein Verizon commercial

The 2022 Verizon commercial with Einstein complaining about his mobile network features the American actors Paul Giamatti as Einstein and Cecily Strong as the Verizon girl. They both are returning presences in Verizon’s ads: Cecily Strong was in many recent Verizon commercials, as we recapped here, and Paul Giamatti joined Verizon’s advertisement campaign just recently, playing Scrooge in this 2022 Holiday commercial.

For the most attentive: Paul Giamatti’s lines in Verizon’s commercials are always perfectly fitting the characters: when playing Scrooge, he mentions the signal that’s “ghosting him,” recalling the three spirits that will visit his character in Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol. As Einstein, he says the German word “Kaputt,” which indicates something that got broken entirely: Einstein was a German scientist and the stereotype of the genius, as Cecily Strong reminds us with her words.

Paul Giamatti movies & TV shows

Paul Giamatti is a famous American actor who has been active since 1989. He was nominated for the Academy Award as Best Supporting Actor in 2006’s movie Cinderella Man and won two Golden Globes, in 2009 for the TV miniseries John Adams and in 2011 for the movie Barney’s Version.

He played in famous movies in American history like Saving Private Ryan (he was Sergeant William Hill, you can hear him talking in this scene), Man on the Moon (do you remember the mysterious Tony Clifton?), 12 Years a Slave, Big Fat Liar, The Negotiator, San Andreas and many more. He also has many precedents in many TV shows: besides the already mentioned John Adams, his most relevant presence in television is as Charles “Chuck” Rhoades Jr. in Billions.

You can find the complete list of his roles in movies and TV shows on Wikipedia.

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