Eurovision in Canada: how music unites people

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Eurovision is an annual song contest that takes place among several countries. Although it is usually dominated by European countries, we may see a different outcome in 2023 with the inclusion of Canada in the competition. Canada is the first North American country to join the contest since it started about 67 years ago. In recent years, Canada has produced its fair share of musical talents including superstars like Drake, Justin Bieber, Leonard Cohen, and Joni Mitchell. We can only guess who will represent it’s homeland in upcoming eurovision.  

Canada has already produced a winner without even being an established part of the competition. That is none other than Canadian-born Celine Dion, who wowed audiences around the world with her rendition of “Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi” in 1988 when she performed as a representative of Switzerland. With Canada’s inclusion in the list of countries participating in Eurovision, the ten provinces in the country will need to do battle to bring out a worthy candidate that will represent the country on that grand stage.

The 2022 Edition

The grand finale of Eurovision 2022 was held on May 14, and it was the Kalush Orchestra from Ukraine that came out as the winner. They won with a staggering 439 out of the 468 possible public votes, and they used the platform to canvass for peace with the war raging in their country. It was a great sight to see how even a musical contest could be used to pass across a message that made people rally around a common goal. In fact, you can say that was the main purpose for the formation of Eurovision. It was created in Europe after the war to unite the countries through music. And the 2022 edition definitely fulfilled that objective.

The thrill of a live music show

Anyone who’s been to a live show can testify that the thrill and euphoria are feelings that you just can’t forget. That is one of the reasons why Eurovision is such a popular event, and it tends to stick to the memories of all audience members. Shows like Eurovision have the ability to make people feel connected with others in the audience as everyone just enjoys the music while living in the moment. Seeing things happen live and in a crowd of many other fans creates loads of energy and excitement, and takes the intensity of the event to a whole new level. This is the primary reason why streaming or  live dealer casino in Canada have become so popular in recent times, especially with platforms like Twitch where many creators stream their online gaming sessions, or casino games websites where players can sit at a virtual table of poker with real people. People have a lot to enjoy from watching these streams or playing with real people online. Live games like this take entertainment to a whole new level. 

Eurovision: A Message of Unity and Hope

The display of different types of songs on the Eurovision stage exposes people to new cultures. This kind of huge concert serves as a beacon of unity, as it brings together people from different countries to learn about the music and culture of others. And it’s often more than just European culture and music, with several non-European countries joining Eurovision in the past. Israel is one such country that took the stage and captured audiences with its beautiful culture, something that Canada would be hoping to do in 2023. The gesture of open arms by Eurovision toward other countries shows their strong desire to truly bring unity to different parts of the world, and there aren’t many better ways to do that than through music!