Objection Hearsay, the viral song: the lyrics and the meaning

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In April 2022, important hearings were held in the trial that sees Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard, accused of defamation, lined up on opposite sides. The trial has been extensively filmed and the images have been spread across the internet, creating a particular trend in which people enjoy watching how Amber Heard’s defense attorney struggles not to let Johnny Depp finish any sentence, continuing to interrupt him with the words “Objection Hearsay”. It is possible to observe how the interaction between the two leads to ridicule from this video.

What does “Objection Hearsay” mean?

Objection Hearsay is used by lawyers in court hearings, when the person who testifies presents as truth something said by others in certain circumstances, and therefore not verifiable, nor belonging to what the speaker can prove. If the person testifying, for example, answers a question saying that “some friends said that…”, this immediately triggers the Hearsay Objection, because what follows are only words reported from the conversation of others, therefore not acceptable in courtroom.

The Objection Hearsay song from the Depp-Heard trial

Amber Heard’s defense attorney used this type of objection so insistently that it became a caricature. And a few days later, a web user created a song that takes up the situation that arose in court, a song that went viral on social media almost immediately. You can find it below.

🎶Johnny Depp Amber Heard Trial Theme Song🎶 Objection! Hearsay!

The lyrics of the song simulate the interaction between Amber Heard’s lawyer and Johnny Depp. In this imaginary dialogue, the lawyer explains that the real problem is that he has no case, no way of convincingly defending his client, so all he can do is to object insistently, as a last resort. On the other hand, Johnny Depp exposes himself by saying that he is a famous Hollywood star and that his life has to be fantastic. The meaning of the song therefore aims to ridicule mainly the figure of the lawyer, but also points to the superficiality of the status of a Hollywood actor.

Here the full lyrics:

I Used To Be Respected
People Took Me At My Word
Then I Became A Lawyer
Representing Amber Heard

Objection! Hearsay!
Oh my God I Don’t Have A Case
Objection! Hearsay!
Now I’m Ashamed To Show My Face

Well I’m A Famous Movie Star
Yeah Life Is Always Fine
I Sit Down At My Penthouse
Drinking Mega Pints Of Wine

Objection! Hearsay!
I Don’t Know Why We Ever Wed
Objection! Hearsay!
Who The Hell Poops In Someone’s Bed

I Object To Everything
I May Have An Infection
Cause I Say I Object
The Judge Says “That Was Your Own Question”

Objection! Hearsay!
Court Isn’t Supposed To Be This Hard
Objection! Hearsay!
How Did I Ever Pass The Bar?

Just One Final Question Sir
And This One Has Been Prepped
“What Is Your Name?”
My Name Is Johnny Depp

Objection! Hearsay!
How Can You Prove That That’s Your Name
Objection! Hearsay!
Looks Like We Win And You’re Lame

Objection! Hearsay!